Monday, November 26, 2012

Wedding Favours: How to Choose the Right One for Your Wedding

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Wedding Favours
One of the most creative elements of a wedding is choosing favours for the big day. Wedding favours are given away as tokens of your appreciation to guests for participating in you and your spouse’s special day. You want your favours to reflect both you and your spouse’s distinct personality! If you’re on a tight budget, you can create your own wedding favours. If you got the budget, then your choice is virtually limitless.
Unfortunately, because there are literally thousands of wedding favours to choose from, picking just one can be quite challenging. The last thing you want are wedding favours that stick out like a sore thumb! To help you choose the right favours to give away on your wedding day, consider these tips:

Focus On The Wedding Theme
To find the right wedding decor, consider the theme of your wedding. If the color scheme is blue and silver, you can create candy bags with blue and silver wrapped treats. For carnival themed soirees, you can offer popcorn and candied apple treats as wedding favours.

For garden or spring weddings, you can use scented candles decorated with fresh blooms or mini potted plants with a thank you note as give-aways.

Add Local Elements
If your wedding is held in states with a regional speciality, then don’t be afraid to show off the local flavors in your wedding favours. For example, if it’s a beach setting, colorful buckets filled with beach essentials make a perfect wedding giveaway as well as star fish paperweights, clear bottles filled with sand, shells and trinkets.

For mountain weddings, cute hand or neck warmers make an interesting giveaway. You can also give away bottled local delicacies as wedding favours. Just add a touch of personality on each favour with ribbons or other decors.

Season-Appropriate favours
If say, you are planning a fall wedding, you can use pumpkin-based goodies or candy apple treats as giveaways. For those who love beach weddings, personalized sunscreen bottles or beach towels are great wedding favours ideas. For spring weddings, you can either offer DIY wedding favours encrusted with local blooms, edible favours or even garden sprinkles in cute tin cans as giveaway!

Double-Duty Wedding Giveaways
Practical giveaways make the perfect keepsakes. From quirky bottle openers, salt and pepper shakers, small jewelry boxes, champagne flutes or textured ring pillows, there are various giveaways that are just as useful as they are beautiful.
Give Back
If you are passionate about supporting a certain foundation, a research group or a non-profit organization, you can request your guests to make donations to your favourite charity instead and give away a simple, personalized thank you note for every donation received. Just make sure you get a receipt for tax purposes.
When it comes to wedding favours, the options are limitless! You can find the right favours by focusing on the theme of your wedding, the color scheme as well as the location of the wedding. Just make sure that whatever favour you choose, don’t forget to have fun! Preparing your wedding is a momentous occasion that will literally change your life so make sure your favours are worthy reflection of this happy occasion.

Blog by Ryan ZHU, The Function Room—Event Hire

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