Monday, July 4, 2011

The Eclective

I don't know about you but I've been to enough mainstream wedding expos and seen enough of the ordinary to last a lifetime! Thankfully the innovative team at The Eclective have taken matters in hand and are launching their first event in Adelaide late September. It promises to be a fresh take on the traditional with inspiring, interesting exhibitors who will be showcasing their talents for brides and grooms-to-be alike.

ECLEC(tic-collec)TIVE; adjective
Derived from the South Australian term for awesome wedding.

A curated showcase of wedding artisans intent on inspiring and enlightening couples to explore the options of personal expression within their wedding.

What? Responsive, refreshing, revolutionary, independant, hand crafted, progressive, refined.
Where? Queens Theatre, Playhouse Lane, Adelaide
When? September 9 - 11, 2011
Who? Couples who would like to create a wedding that is a reflection of their personal style or those looking for extraordinary options. The showcase is designed for both bride and groom in mind.

Tickets are available now online.

Posted by Jane Cameron

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