Friday, September 17, 2010

Very Vintage

There's something quite beautiful about vintage clothing. The history, fine craftsmenship and glamour that exudes from pre-loved gowns is quite awe-inspiring. Purchasing a new gown isn't the dream of every bride and if you're on the hunt for that extra special, pre-loved piece (and will be visiting London) be sure to visit The Vintage Wedding Dress Company. Melding her years of styling experince with her talent for discovering exquisite pieces, Charlie has created a unique go-to place for girls who want to wear something completely original but don't have the time, energy or faintest idea where to start. Sourcing gowns from London, Paris and across the world, Charlie has a cult following and is loved by celebrities such as Cate Deely and Australia's own Alice McCall. Not only the place to go for a one-of-a-kind piece, Charlie has also created The Decades Collection to complement her collection of vintage wedding dresses. Comprising of six new vintage-inspired dresses, one from each era from the 1920's through to the 1970's, the collection is elegantly constructed using the silhouettes and essence of decades gone by. Each style has a series of additions that can be selected by the client to personalise their chosen dress; lace sleeves, scalloped hems, decorative trims and edgings. The Decades Collection allows brides to get creative; it offers you the freedom to add a bespoke element to your new vintage-style dress and the versatility to wear your dress again long after you have walked down the aisle. I couldn't think of a more exciting prospect! Be sure to visit TVWDC in Bloomsbury, London WC1, however bookings are essential. The Decades Collection starts from £1,250. Visit for all the details.

Posted by Emilie Harrison
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