Friday, July 3, 2009

It Don't Matter If You're Black or White
Black and white is by far one of the most popular colour combinations for weddings. Either on it's own or teamed with a colour such as pink, yellow or blue, it's a striking, sophisticated and modern colour choice. It's easy to have this combination look run-of-the-mill if you don't pay close attention to details. Stationery, your cake, clothing and small details, such as favours, are the best ways to make your black and white combination stand out from the plethora of others. When using black and white it's also a good idea to incorporate different textures and patterns through the use of fabrics and wallpapers. We did a great story on black and white in issue 3 of Style Guide and I've incl. some of our stationery, available in our online store, in the Polyvore to show you how effective patterns can be in a black and white setting.

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Posted by Emilie Harrison