Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls Guide
I have just found out about Girls' Guide to the World which is a bit like trip advisor but for stylish women who want to know where to shop, eat, drink, sleep, pamper, and play. Girls’ Guide has done all the research for you and provides unbiased and insightful tips for women, by women with high expectations and a craving for fashionably experiencing the world. It features over 3,000 venues in over 100 hand-picked cities around the globe. Girls’ Guide to the World was thought up by 28 year old Carey Schuster, an American interior designer living and working in Sydney. Schuster has a craving for outstanding design, cuisine, service, entertainment, fashion, and architecture, especially when she’s travelling. “When I choose to spend the money and time to travel, I don’t want to be disappointed. I want to eat at the tasty restaurant off of Main Street that the locals are trying to keep secret. I want to stay at the hippest hotels, which doesn’t always mean the most publicized or most expensive. And when I hit the shops, I want to know about up and coming local designers and where to find their labels. That’s where Girls’ Guide delivers. There is no better advice than a discerning woman’s first hand account.”

Posted by Emma Henderson