Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book Review

Bat Your Eyelashes - How To Be Well Mannered With Style
by Marianne Vicelich

I am a girl that is a right old bossy britches when it comes to manners. I've been brought up with a father who's adamant that impecable table manners are one of the most important things you can learn. Although family dinners were often painfully frustrating I am so thankful to know that I could be in the company of royalty and my manners would be perfect. No elbows on the table, when putting down your knife and fork they must be on the plate and not hanging off the side, food to your mouth not your mouth to your food, no reaching or leaning, knife and fork together when finished and no leaving the table until you've been told. They seem like basic rules... but SO many people get them wrong. If you've been watching Master Chef Australia (I'm addicted!!) you would have noticed judge George Calombaris' shocking manners. Licking your knife is just disgusting... and on national television!

I was pleasantly surprised when a cute little parcel containing the gorgeous book, Bat Your Eyelashes - How To Be Well Mannered With Style, arrived on my desk. The book, by Marianne Vicelich, is the ultimate go-to guide for anything to do with manners. With 20 chapters on topics from Modern Matters, Everyday Courtesies and the Perfect Princess to Keeping Up Appearances, Negative Emotions Unmasked and Taboo Topics, you'll find all your questions to do with manners answered. My favourite chapter was #2, Calculatingly Elegant. Info incl. advice on the tone of your voice, gossiping, rumours and all things never to be repeated and how to keep a secret... all very important things a lady should know! It would make a great little gift for your bridesmaids! RRP $34.95. Visit to purchase online.

Posted by Emilie Harrison