Thursday, May 28, 2009

Terrific Teal
Teal is one of those colours that's either hit or miss. It's a hard colour to get right. So often it looks tacky and rather hideous. The trick with teal is to incorporate softer colours, such as white and gold, rather than having a sea of teal on its own. If you get it wrong you run the risk your wedding will look like a Port Power convention. Seriously, not even a Port supporter would want this! Take a leaf out of my book and pick a few key pieces you'd like in teal and then incorporate the softer colours. If done right the look will be sheer sophistication. I LOVE a gorgeous pair of gold heels with a teal dress. Just gorgeous! Also, if you're thinking of having a lolly bar why not incorporate teal custom made M&M's (for all those of you lucky enough to reside in the USA). Delicious! Click on the Polyvore to view the pieces in more detail.

Posted by Emilie Harrison