Monday, April 6, 2009

A Change is as Good as a Holiday
Last Wednesday we had our winter fashion shoot, which went fabulously, so it goes without saying that this week I'm being inspired by beautiful, elegant and effortlessly stylish wedding gowns. We've also received a huge amount of gorgeous wedding submissions and flicking through these has opened my eyes to one very noticeable change; more and more brides are choosing neutral's and ivory's for their gowns rather than the traditional white. I'm a huge fan of beautiful soft caramel gowns and was thrilled to see Carie Bradshaw sporting the most divine Vivienne Westwood number is Sex and the City the movie (that gown is now available at net-a-porter for all those die hard fans). I also believe that soft neutral's, ivory's and caramel's look much more flattering on those of us with fairer skin. White can often be too stark and no one wants to look like Casper on their wedding day (no matter the amount of fake tan it's always easy to spot the fair skinned from the naturally bronzed). So take a leaf out of Vivienne and Oscar's books and stray away from white. You'll be such a pretty sight!

A Wonderful Wedding
A Wonderful Wedding by EmHarrison featuring Jimmy Choo heels & wedges
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Posted by Emilie Harrison