Friday, March 20, 2009

Punchy Polka Dots
As we milk the last few weeks of summer dry I've decided, at the last minute, to embrace the polka dot. At the end of Feb I bought a cute black frilled cami with white polka dots by Birds of a Feather and couldn't believe how many comments I received. At first I thought it was a little 'girly' for my liking but it's grown on me. I've now decided to take my current adoration of polka dots to Polyvore and have created a set that I think will appeal to anyone wanting to incorporate polka dots into their wedding, hens day or engagement party. Any avid reader of Style Guide will notice our amazingly cute stationery from our Round About story in issue 4, which can be purchased from the Style Guide Online Store, as well as the cute bouquet of pom pom chrysanthemums. Polka dots can easily and stylishly be incorporated into a wedding through clothing, stationery, linen and even the cake. Go get dotty!

Polka Dots
Polka Dots - by EmHarrison on
To find out more about the pieces in the Polyvore just click on it.

Posted by Emilie Harrison