Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pretty in Pink
One of the most popular colours for weddings would have to be pink. In any shade pink can turn a wedding from drab and dreary to delicious and dreamy. With so many flowers in pink you'll never struggle to find that perfect bloom. One of my fave colours to mix with pink is silver. It looks so sophisticated and makes a great alternative to black. A cute little cocktail dress in silver matched with the cutest pink pumps and exquisite jewellery will instantly add class. I've pieced together a Polyvore to help give you some inspiration when deciding on the best ways to incorporate this divine colour scheme into your wedding. Don't be affraid to go pink. Afterall, so many men look super sexy in a pink shirt!

Pink & Silver
Pink & Silver - by EmHarrison on
Click on the Polyvore to find out more about the pieces.

Posted by Emilie Harrison