Friday, March 27, 2009

Lady In Red
There is nothing more showstopping than an amazing red dress with killer heels and a fancy bag. Red is one of the those colours that can either look totally fabulous or totally trashy. It's important to not overdo the red factor when choosing this as a colour for your engagement party, wedding or for your bridesmaids. It's often just the dress, bag or shoes in red that will gather the most attention. There are so many fabulous ways you can add this vibrant, happy colour to your wedding and obviously clothing and flowers would be the most obvious choice. We put red to good use in our Breakfast Club story in issue 4 and showed some great ways to incorporate the colour of love into your big day.

Racy Red
Racy Red - by EmHarrison on
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The Breakfast Club from Issue 4

Posted by Emilie Harrison